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    Central Coast

    Sustainability Cluster

  • Promoting the Central Coast as a sustainable community through collectively developing ideas from dream to reality.


    "Alone we achieve little, together we can achieve so much."

    Helen Keller

    About us

    Organisations, big or small, work in isolation to build their business and make their business model sustainable.


    You can collaborate with like minded businesses to not only alleviate the isolation but also develop practical strategies that can actually be implemented. We partner with all our members to:

    1. Reduce waste and improve profitability
    2. Engage and support the community 
    3. Make best use of their people, equipment and networks
    4. Educate on what they are achieving

    Our Members work together to identify opportunities for improvement and work collaboratively to realise those improvements on a project by project basis.


    In order to provide real outcomes and work effectively we:

    1. Identify and aggregate resources that are currently being wasted.
    2. Convert different waste streams to new opportunities and uses, which reduces costs, creates business sustainability and improves profitability
    3. Promote projects and Members that achieve sustainable outcomes
    4. Educate members on effective project management practices
    5. Support  members through dedicated staff and funding to free them to focus on their organisational development.


    1. Spare Stuff - a marketplace for members to post stuff they have spare, be it waste materials, equipment or even surplus services and spaces. 
    2. Project Support - dedicated resources for projects identified by members to ensure an outcome including potential funding on project by project basis.
    3. Education - Newsletters, Press releases and social media management of member achievements to ensure community engagement
    4. Recognition - a star rating system that recognises membership achievement and provides a level of accountability for contribution
    5. Commitment - Different levels of membership to better reflect levels of commitment.
    6. Data - Members will have access to data collected in their area on the volumes and type of resources that are available for reuse.


    Membership is available to all organisations and individuals by invitation with membership packages available for:

    • Associate Members: Who are able to "buy" and "sell" resources on the spare stuff marketplace. Membership fee is $200 which covers establishment of shopfront and assistance in collating and posting items to the marketplace.
    • Chapter Members: Have access to Sparestuff, can contribute sustainability projects for the cluster to work on, participate in monthly project development meetings and quarterly networking breakfasts and are expected to work actively to achieve 5 Star Sustainability status. Chapter members direct the projects and will receive credit for achievements. Membership starts at $30 per week for SME's with discounts for achievements.
    • Foundation members: Who have achieved 5 Star sustainability status and continue to contribute through mentoring/ executive roles and project support to upgrade star status through Bronze, Silver and Gold.
    • Student members: Have the same opportunities as Chapter members, plus the opportunity to work with business owners and managers in developing and completing sustainability projects.
    • Sponsors: 

    We welcome all types of organisations who are committed to operate sustainably. We expect all members to respect each other and at all times to act with integrity.



    Founded as an initiative of the NSW Department of Heritage and Environment and Central Coast Industry Connect to develop a cluster of manufacturers actively seeking to improve their sustainability. The cluster rapidly grew to include builders, developers, local government and social enterprises all keen to contribute resources to projects that sustainably enhance the local community. For details on projects completed or underway, see our Projects page. Interested in finding out more, give us a call or fill out Enquiry Form


    Project Management

    Every Project is treated as a business opportunity, to be reviewed and developed for its economic, social and environmental impact. Projects with the greatest impact will be given priority of member and cluster resources. Projects are managed under a one page business planning format to allow all stakeholders to easily stay on top of the key actions to meet the relevant success metrics.

    Members are required to steer the projects, providing experience, strategic insight and contacts to assist the cluster support team in implementing the project actions. 


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    April 1, 2019 · Education
    Proposal to CC Council We were invited by Central Coast council to attend an economic development strategy workshop. Dennis Silvers attended. In a previous CCSC committee meeting we had determined that a significant sustainability threat to our region was through a future downturn in the...
    July 23, 2018 · Food
    Background. A local food processor, Agrana, presented to the cluster the opportunity to find a better use for a commercial quantity of fruit pulp, flavours and sugars that was being disposed of through soil injection in local Orchards Opportunity. As a by product of processing fruits for...
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