• Sustainable Business Showcase

    The Central Coast is home to many sustainable businesses, who are improving the community and world we live in - Are you a part of it?

    What's happening?

    Bringing together a wide range of local industry leaders and local business owners to share and inspire the business community.

    • Sustainability Showcase  - a broad range of exhibitors sharing their stories and showcasing new innovative products.
    • R.E.E.L Talks (Relevant, Environmental, Economical, Local) including game changing technologies and financing sustainable projects.
    • The first hundred guests will receive a free Covid safe kit including Sirrons' skin friendly hand wash, surface wash, moisturiser and mask.
    At Open Shutters / Bib' n Brace at
    Fri 18th (10-6PM) - Sat 19th (10-4PM) of September 2020.

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  • Exhibitors

    Come and see our exciting exhibitors, for more information on each click the logo

    Bib 'N Brace

    Architectural products from recycled Australian timbers

    Bib 'N Brace captures salvageable demolition timbers to repurpose into beautiful architectural products such as doors, screens, stairs and unique furniture. Our aim is to capture as much of this valuable resource as possible in order to prevent its needless waste

    Wild Blue Global

    Painless profits from waste

    Wild Blue Global completes free waste audits, identifies and develops more cost and environmentally efficient waste management processes and facilitates capital raising or grants to complete the projects.

    Central Coast Council

    The small business water education program

    The Small Business Water Education program aims to help your small businesses investigate water usage and identify possible leaks and wastage which will ultimately save water and money. This is achieved utilising new water monitoring technology called Smart Water Data Loggers that provide you with instant and accurate data that can detect even the smallest leaks. This program is free and aims to help small businesses save water and money.

    Motor oil recycling & new oil wholesalers

    Coast & Valley oil Recyclers is a used oil collection business, servicing all types of automotive and industrial workshops. Looking after the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter region.

    Large infrastructure construction, roadworks and aggregate supplier

    Fulton Hogan builds and maintains infrastructure and improves the quality of life across New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Everything from roads and bridges, to energy, water and communication

    To sustain community and surroundings

    At heart, we are a manufacturer of quality commercial dishwashing machines – but we have expanded our services to support the additional needs of the kitchens we serve. All this has developed over time while achieving a balance between ethical, environmental and economic outcomes.

    Watch our videos to learn more about our latest initiatives -

    Complete Demolitions

    Responsible Deconstruction

    Complete Demolitions are more than just a demolition business, they work careful to deconstruct, sort and then work with industry partners to reuse or recycle as much material as is possible. Each year these efforts prevent 15,000 Tonnes of waste from going to landfill. They even employ an arborist to recover mature trees and shrubs.

    Economy Waste Group

    Local Excellence in waste management

    Economy Waste is the leader in Central Coast construction waste management and is at the forefront of local construction waste recycling. A key component of their success is their flexibility and willingness to work closely with clients to meet their collection, compliance and sustainability needs.

    My Sequester

    Carbon Offsets for any size business

    Carbon offsets are normally only available to large corporations. My Sequester manages sequestration projects for any business size at a community level. Operating at the community level allows them to provide multiple benefits beyond the carbon offsets, including wind or water erosion mitigation, water retention, reforestation or habitat replacement .

    The Sewing Basket

    Sustainable Employment

    The Sewing Basket supplies a wide range of donated fabrics and patterns, patchwork, embroidery materials, knitting and more, while providing employment opportunities for people with disability. Having recently opened a store in Kincumber they are keen to develop opportunities and local contacts to assist with this endeavour.

    Open Shutters

    Sustainable Window Coverings

    As the last major manufacturer of shutters in Australia, Open Shutters not only provide beautiful, durable, sustainable shutters they also support the community through direct employment of tradesman, apprentices, support staff and purchase of materials and consumables from local suppliers

  • R.E.E.L Talks - Speakers

    REEL talks for real solutions

    Friday speakers

    Paul Clemens

    Fri 18th 10:30am

    Small Business Water Education Program

    Paul will talk about this program that aims to help small businesses investigate water usage and identify possible leaks and wastage which ultimately save water and money. This is achieved by utilising new water monitoring technology called Smart Water Data Loggers. This program is free to help small businesses.



    David Abrahams

    fri 18th 12:45pm

    Coastlife 2030

    As the Digital Director for Central Coast Community News, David is more aware than most of what is going on on the Central Coast. In this talk, Dave will share what he sees is currently working well and not so well on the coast and will share his vision for the sort of stories that he would like to have his team report on in 2030.




    Greg Gates

    Fri 18th 3 pm

    Sustainable manufacturing

    Greg will share the virtues of building sustainability into every facet of your business . A manufacturer and financier of commercial dishwashing equipment and consumables within the hospitality industry, he will talk about award winning energy efficient commercial dishwashers and how they have pivoted to meet demand for more environmentally and people sensitive disinfectants.

    Chris Gibey

    Fri 18th 11:15am

    Graphene and next gen Smart Buildings

    Chris will talk about graphene and its place in the future of smart objects including their new smart paintable resins that can detect leaks or structural faults plus a carpet tile that can monitor traffic flow and identify social distancing issues in real time.





    Carel Pieters

    Fri 18th 1:30pm

    Recycled Plastics

    Carel will talk about how his company is at the forefront of building an industry around recycling plastics and biomass. With plants undergoing detailed engineering in the UK and Canada, Licella is looking for EPA permitting clarity, the right industry partners and capital to build a chemical recycling hub here on the Central Coast.



    Elisabeth Blik

    Fri 18th 3:45pm

    Taking Advantage of Rebates

    Elisabeth will share the benefits of being involved in the Government's Bin Trim program and how your business could qualify for $50,000 in equipment rebates to help you recycle.

    Matthew Hingerty

    Fri 18th 12pm

    Energy of the Future

    Matt will give an overview of the state of Hydrogen rollout around the world plus Star Scientific and its role in placing the Central Coast on the global hydrogen map









    Paul Young

    Fri 18th 2:15pm

    Start-up traps

    & top tips

    Fri 18th 2:25pm

    Paul is an angel investor who looks at 100s of technology opportunities each year and on average he will only invest in 3. He will share you what he looks for with anecdotes on what has worked well and what hasn't.



    Saturday Speakers

    Nigel Hennesey

    Sat 19th 10:30am

    Industry 4.1

    For the last 20 Years Nigel has been working with government, universities and industry to commercialise Australian inventions. Taking covid as a historic inflection point provides an opportunity for a significant rethink not just of waste and energy but our commitment to Industry needs a rethink hence Industry 4.1






    Elisabeth Blik

    Sat 19th 12:45pm

    Building demand for food waste

    Elisabeth will talk about options for food waste streams, value adding where possible and maximising profit. The nutrient capture and environmental consequences of different processing systems will also be discussed.

    Marc Charette

    Sat 19th 11:15

    Are you Digitally Sustainable

    Covid has highlighted the need to adjust to new ways of doing business. That means getting various aspects of your business online, such as shopping, meetings, showcasing your business offerings and virtualisation. It's time now to leverage and scale-up your visibility in a way that is sustainable, efficient and profitable. From CRMs & online shopping carts to AI, VR and AR, the future is the only place we're all heading.



    Nathan Epp

    Sat 19th 1:30 Pm

    Re-imaging Energy

    As a business that originated more than 160 years ago, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer in the world. In 2015 the company made the hard decision to divest more than €15b in coal generation to pivot to low- carbon generation; Nathan will speak on the ramifications this has had on energy markets, how ENGIE is embracing the future as a renewable gentailer, and how this disruption is creating opportunities for large and small Australian businesses.

    Francis Grey

    Sat 19th 12pm

    Renewables are great investments

    Sat 19th 12pm

    Francis is an economist and solar farm owner who will demonstrate how any organisation can cost effectively convert to renewable energy sources through what essentially becomes your own energy retailer.







    Ross Barry

    Sat 19th 2:15pm

    Funding sustainable Australians

    Dr Ross Barry has over 27 years experience working in finance from Government policy making and derivatives trading to Superanuation funds. Ross will explain his role at First State Super and the establishment of a fund focused on investing in the sustainability sector.


  • Meet the sponsors

    A few words from our sponsors on why they believe in the showcase

    Bruce - Bib'n Brace

    We sat down with Bruce to discuss Bib'n Brace and why they believe sustainability is the future of the Central Coast

    Elisabeth - WildblueGobal Consulting

    Elisabeth sat down with us and gave a brief overview of how WildblueGlobal Consulting are passionate and enthusiastic about waste management and progressing sustainability into the future

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